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Children can have just as many foot problems as adults, although not always the same ones. Some problems may be evident at birth and others don’t become obvious for some years. If you feel that your infant, toddler or 13 year old has something that doesn’t look quite right then get it checked. It may save them a lot more trouble as an adult if treated sooner. Common problems include intoed/out-toed, flat feet, growing pains or aching legs, ingrown nails, warts, sore heels, ankles and knees


Some problems take months or even years to develop to the point where a person seeks our advise, other problems arise almost overnight. As we get older the stresses on our feet change, what we ask of them changes and even our feet themselves don’t stay the same. We can often predict and therefore prevent a problem before it manifests itself if you have a yearly check-up. We are all familiar with the following common problems, and many others ingrown nails, arch pain, heel, ankle and leg pains, postural issues, skin and nail conditions, metatarsalgia, neuritis, corns, callius bunions.


What is it with diabeties and feet? OK, Diabetic clients develop problems with the smaller blood vessels which service the feet . As the circulation deteriorates, so does the persons nerve and muscle structures that rely on that blood supply. This in turn may lead to numbness and muscle wasting in the feet. Also the persons ability to detect a problem is decreased exposing them to the risk of greater injury , infection or ulcerations. Regular routine neurologic, vascular and gait examinations are very important to maintaining the foot health for our growing diabetic population.

Sports Podiatry

Overuse injuries (of which there are many) are painful, chronic and depressing to elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. Rest assured that early and accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive recovery and management program are available at an Active Podiatry Clinic. All our podiatrists maintain a continuing education program to keep them up to pace with latest management tools and techniques to get you back on track quickly. We offer the best advise and recovery worksheets that you can take home with you and are happy to liase with your Doctor, Physiotherapist or other health professional to ensure the best possible outcome.

Orthotics/Arch Supports/Shoe Inserts

Nothing complicated here just a custom made device to suit your foot which can fix or reduce a swag of foot or foot related problems. By altering the way your foot reacts when you walk we can also adjust leg motion and even hip, pelvis and lower back positioning to improve your lower limb biomechanics and body posture. Your Orthotics are light weight and thin, very durable, will slip in and out of most shoes and sandals and you won’t go up a shoe size at all. One pair will last between 3 and 15 years and private health insurers do offer rebates on these most excellent devices.